Author Topic:   Dedicated Server Q's
posted April 20, 2000 08:45 PM            
A few quick questions about the dedicated server:

1. Is there a console like in quake?

2. Is there a way to change maps on the fly without restarting the server, and without hitting the "restart map" button?

3. Is there a way to set a fraglimit for TEAM frags and not just for individuals on a team? i.e. the team that gets to 20 first wins (cumulatively).

4. Is there a way to add and kick bots while a server is running?

5. Is there a way to tell what map you are playing on, from the client side?

6. Is there a way to remotely issue any of these commands, if they do in fact exist?

7. Is this all on a faq somewhere?



posted April 23, 2000 07:05 PM            
Sorry, but I'm pretty sure the answer to all of those questions is no...