Author Topic:   Future of TM
posted April 18, 2000 05:30 PM            
I was wondering, with the loss of Seumas, what is the future of the TM codebase? What can we expect in the way of official expansion packs and game code changes? I think that LDA SHOULD hang onto as much as they can at this point and maybe even close off some of the modding possibilities, because as time goes on, this game is only going to grow in popularity. I would hate to see it be a victim of its own success and have the mod scene explode whilst most people are only using the demo. BTW, I read in an earlier post from LDA that they had regretted making the demo so open to mods, and i agree. They should alter it ASAP because I, for one, was ready to buy the game before I even saw how open it was. Any thoughts?

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