Author Topic:   Master Server??
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posted April 08, 2000 01:55 PM            
Is it me or has the master server been down since last night (Fri) ?

I am not sure since my cable connection has been screwey (as in the router keeps trashing itself) or the master server. TM can't find it when starting a multiplayer game. But UT finds the gamespy master so I can't pin it down. The ip for the master is correct.

As of now @Home is up.

Damn it I really need to get blasted by a nuke!!


Up now for a while...it WAS the stupid cable.

Not the server.


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posted April 08, 2000 05:38 PM            
Even if the master server is down, you should still be able to connect to a specific game server. I played last night until 1:30 a.m.; the master server was down all night. The list of known servers is posted here: /forums/archive/ubb/Forum2/HTML/000263.html

I recommend printing the server page and keeping it handy. Simply type in the IP address directly (not over the master server entry space, but the game server space near the center of the Multi-Player screen). You have Peeet to thank for this page.

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