Author Topic:   I know this is a newbie Q, but how do Screen Shots ?
posted April 01, 2000 02:43 AM            
Hi everyone,

I have been playing TreadMarks (full version) for months now.. and have even begun to learn how to change weapons and stuff.. blah blah blah..

My question is simple.. but painfully obvious to most of you Im sure. How do I do screen shots from inside the game ? Im hitting every key I can find and can not seem to find the graphics captured anywhere on my computer. Any ideas ?

VIO, (aka >>Target<< )


posted April 01, 2000 09:41 AM            
I use HyperSnap DX for all my game/screenshot needs-
You can d/l & test it for free.
They pass out 1 week licenses to unlock all it's features-
I've been getting the free access for months!



posted April 01, 2000 10:07 AM            
Press the F12 key -- it puts the shots in c:\tempshots or something like that. (To confirm the directory, open windows explorer and click c:, then click Modified on right-hand side of screen to have the newest directories/files shown on top.) Files are named temp0001.bmp, or something similar. If you want only one screen shot, press F12 once and then press it again immediately. As long as F12 is active, it will capture screens as fast as it can. You can use successive screen captures as input to make movies, etc.

Unrelated, but interesting:
a. Press the "f" key shows FPS (Frames Per Second).
b. Hold down the Alt key and press "k" (death wish -- frag yourself, but lose a frag). Comes in handy when in a really deep pit or whatever.

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posted April 03, 2000 09:27 PM            
Thanks very much for all of your suggestions. I had to D/L the HyperSnap program because for some afflicted reason.. (and possibly same symptom as to why I get low performance) I get only black screens saved as a result of F12.

At least I can get them now.
Thank you again for both of your ideas !!