Author Topic:   Seumas McNally Programming Award
posted March 25, 2000 09:48 AM            

A trust has been set up to provide an annual award for programming excellence.

A non-profit organization will be established to manage the trust with the minimum of administration.

The Seumas McNally Programming Award

Award Overview
The goal of this award will be to recognize individuals in the game development community who exhibit the same kind of qualities that made Seumas McNally so well-respected and successful. The individual must be:

1. A competent professional who is not only capable of great ideas, but has been able to successfully implement those ideas in a completed product.

2. A person known for sharing his/her ideas and helping others understand and implement them.

Donations to support the trust in Seumas' memory can be made to:

Barristers & Solicitors
130 Adelaide Street West
Suite 901
Toronto, Ontario
M5H 3P5

Attention: Suzanne Hanson

Cheques should be made payable to "Perks & Hanson, in trust" and
correspondence should include a notation that payments are in memory of
Seumas McNally.

Thank you,

Jim, Wendy and Philippe