Author Topic:   Connection woes.
posted March 23, 2000 06:58 PM            
For the past few days, I've been having some problems connecting to TM servers. I'm making sure that I'm not using full-ver stuff on demo servers and all that.

Here's what happens:

I pick a server to connect to.
It gets to the "Sending Player Info" screen. And then it just stops. I can alt-tab out of it, but I can't close the program outside of a Control-Alt-Delete. TM works fine in single player, and my internet connection is also working fine with other apps (email, browsers, other games, etc). Does anybody have any ideas?


Random Chaos (TC)
posted March 24, 2000 12:23 PM            
Hmm...that seems odd. It works single player I assume...

How long do you wait on the connect? Sometimes it takes a long time to time out if the server is unaccessable? Also, could you be behind a firewall that could be causing problems?

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posted March 24, 2000 08:57 PM            
Single player works fine, of course.

And I'm not beind any firewalls, either. I usually wait about a minute or so. I'll leave it sitting tonight, just to see what happens.

And it happens when servers appear to be responding (have players other than bots, according to the server list, and have ping times being updated). It's actually a VERY strange problem.

And I REALLY doubt it's related (seeing as single-player works), but I recently switched video cards (Went from V2 to a V3). It wasn't happening before the switch, but it's happening now.

However, I don't see what video issue would cause connection problems.


posted March 26, 2000 01:19 PM            
I've had this happen twice.

If I do a system reboot (i.e., the whole PC), it seems to clear it up.

It's wierd because I could do a "Refresh Internet" function and get back a list of all available servers, but when I try to connect to a specific game server, it times out.

I have the cheapest DSL plan offered by US West and it kicks me off every two hours. I've only seen the problem occur after I've been kicked off. I lose my connection, re-connect, and then it's hosed.

At any rate, the solution for me is to do a reboot.

Perhaps TM has a problem with the TCP/IP connection being killed without quitting or someting. Ahh... I have a dynamic IP address each time I log in, maybe he remembers the old one somehow? I don't know, I restart TM, too, and it still doesn't work. Hard to believe TM would attempt to remember his last IP address.

Well, I'm rambling now.

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