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[DMM] Serpentius
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posted March 23, 2000 01:02 PM            
S3/Diamond's DMM Underground is currently running a Tread marks FULL version server on our 18MB/s T3 which all our servers are connected to. Its 16 players, no AI bots.

Just wanted to let everyone know about it.

The server is a 733, so lag should be non-existent.

Diamond MM100 TM server:

[URL]http://www.dmmunderground.com [/URL]



Random Chaos (TC)
posted March 23, 2000 01:51 PM            
Speaking of servers:

If anyone wishes to run my Hell server (I have to reconstruct it first) or my DDM server, contact me. I hope to get these mods fixed up and posted on my site soon...but I have to bug the site about their FTP server again. Along with them will be my Chaos server that is still being converted from the Beta versions. If only I had the time to play this great game!

I doubt my server will be up soon...I'm having a lot of problems getting my system working properly between low memory, older CPU, lack of diskspace, and major drive problems (Jaz and Zip).

Temporal Chaos is mostly inactive right now - our 5 main members, myself, Hawk, Pyle, Kaeto, and Temporalisis have not had the time to play - I have actually not been in contact with Pyle. Kaeto has yet to get the game (though he is again working on it!), Hawk and Temporalisis just don't have the time to play.

We will return...

Random Chaos
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posted March 25, 2000 10:59 PM            
I too have a comment on servers:

Now then, i have the connection to make a server (i use trident) but i wondered if anyone could tell me if i can run one even though i have yet to get a great video card. In other words, with all the settings on their lowest in TM and starting my computer fresh in the morning with absolutely nothing but the essentials running on my os, I get 15-16 fps... tops. I just really am pathetic in not trying but i just hate to have to trouble my computer. It forgets that it has any hard drives sometimes, let alone rebooting randomly. Could anyone tell me if it is possible for anyone with a decent connection to the net to run a server?

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