Author Topic:   My condolences
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posted March 22, 2000 01:27 AM            
I'd like to extend my deepest condolences to Seumas' family. I hadn't known much about him until Treadmarks was released and the award at GDC. But seeing that was really inspiring - to have someone form his own company and create a hit game at 21, while I'm essentially just sitting on my ass at home.

I was amazed by his achievement, saddened when I found out why he was in a wheelchair in the GDC pics, and now I'm stunned at his death. All this and I have never had the opportunity to meet him. I don't know what to say, except that I find myself extraordinarily saddened by his passing.


posted March 22, 2000 04:02 AM            
My condolescences to the family...

It is a tragic loss to the game programming community. Seumas was not only extremely talented, but also always willing to share his insights with the others... I owe him a lot.


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posted March 24, 2000 03:03 AM            
My condolences too to family and friends.
I only knew Seumas through his amazing game, and was shocked to hear about his demise.
I feel a bit akward doing this, but I also felt I owed Seumas something even though he never knew me, and I'm sure many users around the world will agree...

Again my deepest condolences.

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