Author Topic:   Treadmarks reviews.. good and bad.
posted March 20, 2000 01:19 PM            
First the good one:

They gave it 4.5/5 stars. Very glowing review indeed.

And now the bad one:

This one really bugged me. They gave it a 6.9/10. He seemed to really like it, yet appeared to take it down to 6.9 because he didn't like the physics.

He then goes on to talk about getting the high-friction mod from treadmarks.com and enjoying the game more. The part that bothers me is when he says he has to review the game "out of the box", which is a phrase seen in reviews for games such as SIN and Ultima IX (notoriously buggy games that were only playable after multiple patches).

I hardly think it's fair to imply that TM has some "out of the box" problems, when TM is incredibly stable (much moreso than most new releases these days) and an utterly original product.

There's probably not a whole lot to be done about changing the review, but I just thought I'd share :-)



posted March 20, 2000 05:22 PM            
I agree, so many times people want the game to be easy, not because of snobiness or just to be mean but because it's only human nature that people don't want to challenge themselves. I myself thought these very same things when i first played the game. I was honestly losing touch for the game and almost didn't go much more than a week on it. Like i heard before, you've gotta have momentum enough to go through the learning stage. I don't blame the guy if he's rushed through games... but given a month to play TM, I just don't see how anyone wouldn't love the game to the core.


posted March 21, 2000 08:28 AM            
The thing is that the reviewer is taking his games TOO seriously. It's a GAME, people! Who CARES about the physics? You want real world physics, go find a flight sim or something

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