Author Topic:   Suggestions on future Treadmarks releases
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posted March 20, 2000 09:46 AM            
I downloaded the Treadmarks demo yesterday and really enjoyed it. However, I've been thinking of a few features that would really enhance the gameplay.

1. Graphical gauges instead of numerical ones or even a Heads Up Display would be nice. The numeric gauges that display health and k/ph seem too plain. Nice gradient bars would really show off the game more!

2. Animated backgrounds. Moving clouds, rippling lakes, water splashes when tanks submerge, lightning storms, etc...

3. What would really help is allowing the cannon to point up and down as well as left to right. That would really help the control of the game big time! Sometimes taking shots at tanks and the projectile going nowhere than five inches in front of me is rather annoying.

I want to mention that I plan to purchase the full version of the game. I like it alot, I just figured if future releases are planned that maybe some of these ideas could be used to help make the next version ten times better.


posted March 20, 2000 01:08 PM            
1. Well, I don't know how hard it would be do make that happen, but I kinda prefer the current text-based display. It's easier to take a look at a number as opposed to interpreting a gauge.

2. Eh. The more effects they add, the more the game slows down.

3. This reminds me of the "Put a large weapon on the mothership" suggestion I see come up every so often in the Homeworld forums. Look back through older posts, and you'll see that the vertical aiming thing has been debated to death.

I personally like the current system. You may have to work around it by using hills, but it sure does allow for some hairy situations, and great shots (once you get the hang of it).