Author Topic:   New dedicated server
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posted March 17, 2000 12:21 PM         
Hello everyone. I wanted to introduce myself and say hello.

I've had the full version of Treadmarks for five days now, and I liked the game so much that I decided to immediately begin running a dedicated server. Everyone's invited to come down and visit; It's called "Blood Eagle Elders TreadMarks."

The Blood Eagle Elders are a group of >25-year-old players of Starsiege: Tribes. Our group (the Web page is at http://bee.whizy.com ) values balanced, honorable teamplay in networked matches.

Thanks and congratulations to LDA for making such a fantastic game. And thanks to the tightly-knit TM community, which has been extremely welcoming to its newest member.

spike at clanmime dot com


posted March 18, 2000 01:11 PM            
Welcome aboard, Spike.

See you on your new server soon.