Author Topic:   Tank change = Score reset?
posted March 07, 2000 11:35 AM            
I was playing online the other day on Clysedale's. After starting out as Liquid Platypus, and getting trounced, I wanted something with a little more beef to it, so I changed to Claymore.

Irrelevant details aside, after I switched tanks, my score got reset. I'm guessing that this is because it seems to reassign your team when you switch tanks.

Just wanted to call it to attention.



posted March 08, 2000 09:54 PM            
When I have changed tanks or teams, I've lost only one frag I think.. unless I was already dead, in which case I didn't loose any. But maybe thats only on team switch. I rarely switch tanks, I make sure I've got a shareware one before I join a shareware server, and usually don't bother changing for full servers (they're so few and far between)