Author Topic:   GeForce + Treadmarks = Pure Bliss
Matt Burris
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posted February 06, 2000 02:36 AM            
Hi guys and Treadmarks programmers. I thought I'd share my own bit here, and give off some info while I'm at it.

Just wanted to let you know that I got a Creative Labs Annihilator SDRAM GeForce 256 card, and I must say Treadmarks runs very excellently on it. With all the settings cranked up, A3D 2.0, at 1024x768 it's pure bliss.

Very awesome game. I've been taking a break from TFC, Quake 3, and even the SoF demo and been playing nothing but this game. The graphical aspect of this game is nothing short of just spectacular. The sound effects are dead-on. The music however, is awesome! I've even went so far as to copy all the music from the sound/music folder into my mp3 folder so I can select them whenever I want to listen to them all the time. Please tell the music artist who created them that I bow to him.

Keep up the fantastic, work. I'm going to ask my friend, Brian, if we can start a section of the site to review games, and if all goes as planned, I hope to do a review of this game first. It's eating too much of my sleep time to not to. :P

I'm really really looking forward to a sequel to this game, if you guys do one.

Matt Burris


posted February 06, 2000 11:19 AM            
yeah, the music does rock!
Song Four is the best for the credits...perfectly timed for each splash screen

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posted February 11, 2000 11:17 PM            
I will agree... I am playing TreadMarks on my Asus V6600 GeForce card, and it looks quite nice. In fact, the local computer store I buy my stuff from was using TreadMarks to show off the power of the GeForce!



posted February 26, 2000 02:57 PM            
Hi, I too have a Creative Labs GeForce. Im able to run HalfLife, CounterStrike, UnrealTournament2... and other games just fine.. however for TreadMarks... Im having great difficulty running the game. I have to use the lowest possible settings on TRIS, Textures, etc.

Would you mind telling me what version of drivers you are using for your GeForce ? I had to run that D3D_ON.BAT file just to get the game running. Otherwise.. even the opening title screens are like slide shows.

So Im apparently only able to run in D3D mode but not in GL mode. Are you doing anyting similar by any chance ?

I would greatly appreciate any help you could provide. I just bought the full version.. but Im quite dissapointed that the full version is having the same problems (for my current system setup.)