Author Topic:   Editing TreadMarks Demo
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posted February 02, 2000 07:23 PM            
I'm getting the hang of editing this great game, and I consider myself good enough to do basic things like edit the weapons and stuff to make them look/act different. I'm packing everything I edit into a mini-mod for me and my brother when we want some difference in the game. (I know, I'll buy the game soon enough...)

Everything seems to be easy, but my question is simple - how do I rename tanks? Editing the tanks entity file makes the list of tanks become empty.

Any help? Thanks!

(My most favorite editing was when the main gun left a huge crater, so deep and wide that it is about double the nuke. Lame, yes, but fun. That isn't in my mod, BTW)

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posted February 03, 2000 10:50 AM            
From what I have been told, my understanding is the Demo does not allow tanks with a different Type than the 3 default tanks. The tank entity is structured as follows:

Class = RaceTank
Type = NNNN
Name = My Tank Name

The Type line must be unique for each entity of each class (different classes can have the same type though). What I am unsure of is why the default steel tanks seem not to have the Name line in them. You can add it and it will show up with your new name on it. The other thing I am unsure of is to how TM distinguishes between the sub-types Liquid and Steel since there are server options to only allow one set.

One other thing about the demo. There is no EntSyncing on multiplayer games. Any changes you make to the tanks (or other ents) will not have any visual change on the client. If you make a new Type of some class, that will be invisible on the client. The full version has EntSyncing enabled.

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