Author Topic:   Control Bugs and Suggestions
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posted January 27, 2000 12:57 PM            
After I played one map of the game (demo version), when I started another map, my joystick had become uncalibrated (I just kept spinning around in circles). I had to quit the demo and restart to return it to normal.

After a while, I decided that keyboard/mouse would work better anyway...It's great, I only have one complaint...would it be possible to add a reverse mouse (reverse the vertical movement of the mouse so down is up and up is down)? That's how I look around in FPS games and not having it seems alien to me and makes it difficult to look around.

First DX-Ball 2, and now Tread Marks...when will the addictiveness stop?

Keep up the great work!

Josh J


Random Chaos (TC)
posted January 27, 2000 02:15 PM            
I have a suggestion too - mouse filtering needs to be improved - I have this problem and so does (TC) Tempralisis. The turret starts to woble back and forth becuase of misdetected mouse inputs (even when not touching the mouse).


posted January 27, 2000 08:24 PM         
I agree. I've noticed the same anomoly, that RC descibed, online.