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posted January 27, 2000 12:38 AM         

The tanks in Tread Marks don't at all blend with the scenery, the controls are slow, targetting is slow, tanks don't move like they even have suspension or other parts that might indicate movement, asode from the turret. The tracks are covered up so you can't even see movement there, which makes the tank look like it's floating or something, and makes it look whimpy. There's no body roll...

Recoil has FAST turret action (not realistic of a tank, but who cares, since action is the name of the game?), super speed and sliding action. The tank/hovercreaft/u-Boat and submarine fit beautifully with the surrounding environment, and the body rolls and leans as you turn, preventing it from looking like a moving block of inflexible wood.

Tread Marks needs major revamping, IMO. It's an okay game, but I am extremely disappointed and had hoped to be playing this game for the next year or so, as I've been doing with Recoil...

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Well Cryo I too am a fellow Recoil fan and I agree that Recoil is a superior game. But you can't compare these two games because Recoil beats this game in almost every aspect, but you know that the online support for Recoil sucks, and the limited arenas in the online genre is basically pathetic. You have two descent arenas, city and crater. The other 3 are a complete waste because all the weapons that would have made it good are not available. That game is dominated by about 4 guys you, roofgunner, smitty62, and usneak. Everytime I played with one of you guys I was victimized. Recoil makes it possible to basically figure out all the angles and then dominate the game. Tread Marks has so many devastating weapons that a game can go to anyone. I can't see how any single person could dominate like you guys do in Recoil. Don't get me wrong I love Recoil, but its played baby. The fact that the online gaming is so bad just ruins it for most players. The lag is bad the arenas are weak and the fact that the maximum # of players is only 4 and usually only 3 will be able to stay in the game without the lag causing freezes. Recoil is a game that could have been one of the best of all time, but Zipper had administrative problems during production and Virgin pulled out before the game was brought to the market so they lost funding and that is why Westwood provides only a gaming site with minimal support and once that contract runs out Recoil will probably die. I have tried to contact the people that made Recoil, to plea to them to make a sequel or at least come up with some additional arenas or missions, but none of my attempts have been sucessful. At least with Tread Marks you get good support and it seems that the people who made it really care about it. Tread Marks may very well only be favored by a few die hard fans and may never make it into the mainstream. But who cares it is pretty fun once you get used to the way it plays. Yeah it kinda sucks that the turret wont go up and down and its silly the way it bounces and slides around but man when I get wacked with a mass driver or a flower power and my tank is flying upside in the air and I wonder what the f$%k is this? I just laugh cause its all good baby. Its just a game man.