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posted January 24, 2000 06:57 AM            
I have put together a couple of powerups one using the Heart model with the heart skin and another using the ammo box model and a custom skin....since all that's needed to use these is the .ent files and the custom skin would this be permissible? I would give the heart model and texture and ammo box model credit to LDA of course. Also, if this is allowed, where would I post the files?



posted January 24, 2000 05:43 PM            
Allowed! LOL @ these newbies who think modding is a crime... TM was _MADE_ for mods... If you make one, sure post it... email RC and he might put a link on his page to it... or visit the Modding Forum @ treadmarks.3d-unlimited.com if you need help...


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posted January 25, 2000 12:54 AM            
Well, speaking of mods...I have a WHOLE lot of new weapons...some are downloadable (links on my site will be up within a week, but until then, goto http://treadmarks.3d-unlimited.com/files/mods/randomchaos )

Currently I have the following on my HELL server:
Custom Weapons:

  • Sheep Mine
  • Kangaroo Mine
  • Mosquito Missile
  • Tree Bomb
  • Plasma Pulser
  • EMP Shockwave

    Almost done Custom Weapons:

  • Spire Maker
  • Matter Bomb Air Stike

    Heavily Modified Weapons

  • Avenger (aka GAU) now with Matter Bomb explo (low texturing now).
  • Mass Driver with Matter Bomb explo
  • Concussion Launcher with Nuke explos
  • Plasma Mines with Nuke explos
  • Air Stike with Nuke explos
  • Wasp with higher damage and higher terrain deformation
  • Machine Gun makes hills
  • Nuke with crater rim

    The rest of the default weapons exist, but are modified a little. No major changes though...

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