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ok with everyone making modifications to my understanding you have to manualy switchout the files in the addons dir to play that particular mod.

(this idea is similar to the selection screen for half-life)

how about this:


in this dir there is a ent file that displays the mod properties in a layout like this:

########this file is mymod.ent###########

name = "my mod" #the physical name of the mod.

size = "2938089" #the physical size of the mod in bytes.

version = "1.16.6" #this mods version number.

dl_url = "www.treadmarks.com/mod/mod.zip" #when the user clicks on refesh on download this is the url.

moddir = "my mod" # the physical directory containing the entities and textures and models.

moddll = "my mod/dlls/mymod.dll" #if you implement the mod dll thing

#######end mymod.ent#########


this file is contained both on a server and on the client if he has the mod. in the main menu there is a extra menu item called mod selection. once this screen comes up there is a couple buttons, "download", "select", "update", "done". now when you get into a screen there will be a list of mods.

for this explinations assume that the person doesnt have 'my mod'. in the mod listing you would only see "TreadMarks default". now say that this mymod.ent file was on the mod'ent server(run by LDA) and the person hit the update button, the client would connect to the server and download the available mod ent files and they would show up on screen as greyed out. the download button will appear and attempt to download the mod from the url defined in the mymod.ent file. if it sucessfully downloaded it would unzip the contents (entities, art, and objects folders and mymod.ent) into /addons/mymod. now that mymod.ent is the the rootdir of mymod you may now press the 'select' button then 'done' button to play that mod. now your back in the main menu and you see the title of the mod in the top center of the screen.

now if you join a server with a mod you have it auto switches to that one when joining and if you dont you get a dialog box explaining that you need to download the mod first.

the reason why i expressed myself the way i did about my idea on how you should engineer this mod selection screen is because it works very nice for half life. the popular mods can be eisily downloaded and installed. if the mod isnt on the mod'ent server you can still play it.

seumas, please consider my suggestion. i am only trying to help make a kick butt game the best game ever

so my suggestions are now:
mod menu
mod ent code dll
alttex and altmesh commands

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Random Chaos (TC)
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There is another way, but more compicated:

Copy the TM.EXE (for server) or TMwhatever.EXE (for single player - based on what mode you use), AUDIO32.DLL, DEDICATED.CFG, and the ENTITIES directory to a different folder - not in the same TM path.

Then add a file named DIRS.CFG and in there add the path to all the subdirs of TM but the old entities dir (unless you plan to use it too)

LDA: Does TM load based on the WorkingDir in a Link, or by where the Executable is stored?

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yes but who wants to change directorys in a cfg file?

if you dont want to do it seumas, can i try and do it? i know i need the source code to do it but i can sign a NDA agreement.

i really would like to see those features implemented