Author Topic:   Am I missing something?
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posted January 21, 2000 03:30 PM         
Okay, I got the demo, I've been playing it like a maniac, and I've even modified some weapons and tanks with great success. Really boss game! The only problem is this: I can't seem to enable team play when I host a multi-player game. Is this function disabled in the demo? As far as I can tell, selecting the same team should do the trick, right?


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posted January 21, 2000 04:30 PM            
No...it has to be set up in the Dedicated.Cfg file.

The following excerpt is from the lines where it needs to be set up:

#Set this to 1 to enable people to join teams. If 0, no teams are allowed.
TeamPlay = 1

#Set this parameter (uncomment) if you want the AI tanks to be on a specific team only.
#Otherwise they will spread out evenly among all player teams.
#AITankTeam = Red

#Set this to 1 to use Team Scoring instead of individual scoring, if team play is on.
TeamScores = 1

#Set this to 1 to allow team members to kill each other (but it won't give frags).
TeamDamage = 1

#Set the following parameters (uncomment) if you want to limit players to being on
#a few specific teams only. Note, if AITankTeam is set, it can be different from
#one of the following teams, so you can have a Player vs. AI server.
#Team0 = Gold
#Team1 = Blue
#Team2 = etc., etc.

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posted January 21, 2000 07:07 PM         
I should have looked in there. Thank you very much for your help!