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posted January 20, 2000 04:36 PM            
There are a few things I would like to see come to TM that, I believe, will greatly help it spread across the internet.

1) Linux server w/remote administration interface. Take the hint from Quake and the other popular FPS games. These games are where organized competition via the net came from, they are setting the standards. That is unless you've got a better idea.

2) More clans or more gamers. I'm not sure. Without the players the clans won't work but there has to be a way to stimulate the TM community and get people to get together and game together. Usually this means the creation of a community site or a tournement which I think Fish and I may do soon.

3) Spread the word. All of you TM players tell your friends about this game. It really is great but just doesn't have the same popularity yet as other games.

p.s. I got my full version. Very cool. =)

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George 'Loud-Bob[GP]' Murray
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posted January 20, 2000 05:32 PM         
I have the full version as well. Talk about maps! Sheesh theres plenty of them and I love most of the tanks (I'm partial to the Claymore, I think I'll skin it ;-). I can't wait till the others here get it so I can play more of the full ver online. I hate spending too much time in single player only to re-adjust my lead distance in multi (yeah I know, waaaaa!)

As for "spreadin the gospel", I have been trying. My friends are idiots and don't like it (because they suck at it). I've sent e-mails to 3Dfiles (they never replied), and to Penny Arcade. PA replied that they liked it and would mention it. I checked for the next week and never saw any mention though. Bastards
I think PA is in Gamespy's pocket and 3dfiles....well they just re-hash news anyways. I did see it on Sharky's Extreme a long time ago back in the beta days (they are why I found out about it. SE kicks ass!). I've also seen it as Download.com's (yes thats CNET boys and girls)download pick of the **** either right before or after new year. Also saw a mention on AGN when it was beta.

I'm trying brother but as Master Yoda would say "is no try, do or do not...mmmmm"

Damn! I'll get off this soapbox now. Look at the time! Must... blow... stuff... up...

BTW KMFDM playin in the bakground kicks major ass with this game (nothin personal Mr.TM music guy)


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posted January 20, 2000 06:50 PM           
"too much time in single player only to re-adjust my lead distance in multi"

Actually you shouldn't have to change your aiming style between single player and multi-player. Since both your tank and the enemy tanks are predicted, aiming and firing as if there was no lag will usually produce the desired results, even though the actual weapon projectiles and explosions will appear lagged.

As for remote administering NT/95 machines in general, try VNC, which is a free virtual desktop program with security.

-- Seumas McNally, Lead Programmer, Longbow Digital Arts