Author Topic:   Internet Players with the Full?
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posted January 20, 2000 12:47 AM            
Where is everyone, had a full version server up for a day and no one (ok one person for 5 mins) has joined. Are you all joining the Shareware servers?

Last but no least what about CTF or someother game modes are they planed?

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Random Chaos (TC)
posted January 20, 2000 02:08 AM            
Well, good to see you're back! Been a while...

Probably the reason why is a lot of people (myself included) have yet to receive the full version in the mail (even though mine was shipped last Friday). And yet others want to play with people that don't yet have the full version.

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LDA Seumas
posted January 20, 2000 02:32 PM           
There are a lot more people with the Demo than with the Full Version still, so it might take a little time to get big full version games going. Arranging times for competition could help with this.

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posted January 20, 2000 04:58 PM         
I've had my full version since Tuesday (it's worth every penny) and have only seen one dead full ver server on the Master Server list since. I was wondering the same thing. Oh and I've ran into invis tanks a few times in Thunderdome (LOL) so I know several people have it. I'll keep looking for them though.

That moon level trips me out. Cant wait to nail someone on it with the (kiss my) Mass Driver. It'll take em an hour to get back in the battle LOL

Oh LDA if you are reading this the main reason I bought it (besides that its killer and to support a worthy cause) was that you didn't charge the normal $49.99. Not that it's not worth it, just that every freggin game that comes down the pike is $49.99!

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