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posted January 17, 2000 02:07 AM            
i finally managed through several hours of torturous downloading and got tread marks demo... and i was blown away right at first. i wasn't even using my brother's relatively good 3d-accelerated (i think) 400mhz computer, i was using my piece of crap 233 with 32 megs of ram and no 3d card to speak of (its amazing how i still use 3d studio max on it...) and was a general pile of rotten plastic (the case for it was taken from a really old 386). even so, i was impressed with the non-hardware openGL rendering. sure, it ran like a snail, but i still was really impressed (it was definitely better than anything i'd seen before) and actually it wasn't that slow. the game rocks. i tweaked the settings already i set the main tank gun to make a huge crater with the same damage and made the dreadnought accelerate insanely fast. and in response to an earlier mention of "for some reason acceleration makes the tank turn faster", that's how it should be, tanks turn by differentially moving tracks so if the engine is more powerful the tank turns faster.

i tried it on my brother's computer using software at first. very nice and fast. then i tried hardware... extremely awesome graphics!!! fast too. then i went to the tank preview screen and the whole thing freezes and i had to do a hardware reboot. oh well, too bad. probably cuz my bro's computer uses win98 (mine uses NT)

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LDA Seumas
posted January 17, 2000 04:39 PM           
There aren't really any issues with the game that are specific to Windows 98. You probably just need to download more recent/less buggy drivers for your brother's 3D card. A hard freeze definitely sounds like a driver issue to me.

-- Seumas McNally, Lead Programmer, Longbow Digital Arts