Author Topic:   If you've ordered but haven't received TM yet..
posted January 16, 2000 12:09 PM            
Well, I pre-ordered TM back in december, overnight delivery and all.

I went to check on it's status the second day (when it hadn't arrived) and found some various enigmatic exception codes in the tracking data..

Then my sis told me that, oh by the way, FedEx called..

I called them back, and it turns out that the street name wasn't on the delivery address, but the street #, zipcode, city, state, etc were.. so I went to pick it up.

I don't know if this is a one-time screw up, or even if I messed up the order when I entered the info online (tho I see that as something hard to do)..

So, if you've ordered it, and you've checked and got these weird exception messages, try calling and asking..

Figured I'd give a heads up, since I didn't know if others might have this problem (and if they say, didn't have answering machine/voice mail, they wouldn't know FedEx had called if they weren't in at the time..)

Anyways, loving the game.. wish there were some full servers up tho

It just goes to a black screen after connect if you use a non-demo tank.

And the opening titles.. hehe..

Haven't played all the levels yet but Tank Luge is *fun* !

anyways, I'm gonna go now, and see if some TM full servers have magically appeared!


Random Chaos
posted January 16, 2000 12:27 PM            
Well, I'll have a TM full server up intermittantly until Thursday, then consistantly, once I receive my copy. I didn't check mail yesterday and I don't think mail gets delvered on Monday. So hope to see it up on tuesday hopefully. By then maybe I will have finished this pain in the *** budget and be able to keep the server up 24/7 with reboots every 48 hours or so.

My servers (you will see 1-2 up at a time):
Chaos! - same as the Chaos server for the demo, but much easier to connect - thanks to Ent Syncing

Hell! - well, HELL! I won't run this as the only server! For your own sanity.

Mining! - this is my mining server. Miners only. I will DEFINATELY be adding weapons here.


Moded servers:

Laser Range - Lasers, Plasma Pulsers, and Spire Makers (could I do without them?) in many different colors.

Terrain Deformation - will be a while - no details yet - but LOTS of new weapons and explosions.

Random Chaos
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