Author Topic:   why?
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posted January 11, 2000 08:10 PM            
Why is there no 1st person view >

now I know that all of you might like this idea but it will make the game less popular I just think that the full version (its not already out is it?) should definatly have a first person view. The turret view is not 1st person BTW so don't bother sayin that.


Random Chaos
posted January 11, 2000 08:30 PM            
As for TM Full - it was sent to the factory in mid Dec and will be shiping within a few weeks.

As for First person veiw...this was a widely discussed, but subsequently decided against, topic during the Betas. Basically, from what I could tell, there were a lot of cons to having 1st person veiw. Maybe LDA will added it in a eventual update.

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posted January 12, 2000 12:49 PM           
The discs have just been pressed and are on their way to Digital River, so it should be shipping to customers by Thursday or Friday now, if all goes well in transit.

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