Author Topic:   Delivery to UK?
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posted January 08, 2000 01:45 PM            
Hi. Just downloaded the demo and played it online for a while and it seems like good fun. It would be cool if a lot of clans started up for this game. Would make it more of a community and keep people interested for longer.
Anyway I was wondering if this game can be delivered to Northern Ireland in the UK and how much extra would it cost? Thanks in advance for any help and hope to cya all online for a game sometime )



posted January 08, 2000 06:17 PM            
You might be best dealing directly with us.

If you send us a check or money order for 25UKpounds that would cover the game and shipping by first class mail [7days+].

If the order is postmarked before the game arrives from the factory [roughly the 15th] then we'll include a free serial number for Particle Fire...the screen saver that's retarding corporate profits world wide