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I'm really impressed with the graphics. It looks like one of those demo's that comes with 3d accel cards or a 3d benchmark that always look better than the games that are out. The detail of the terrain is incredible and the nuke effects are the best I've seen in any game.

I feel like the main gun is a bit too powerful though. Everyone gets in a situation where the 2 tanks are 5ft away from each other and one of them blasts the other away with a 120mm shell. But from a distance they are nearly useless. I think you should increase the splash damage of them and lower the direct hit damage alot.

Another suggestion is to work on the controls a bit. I feel like mouse look is almost useless because its so disorienting and the turret takes awhile to keep up. The keys for rotating the turret work well but we need a key to re-center the turret. Also It might be nice to be able to move the turret up and down somehow so we could aim the shells a little better instead of having to use the terrain to aim.

Since there will be different worlds I think they should have different effects on the tanks such as gravity. Maybe make the tanks real heavy in one world to slow down game play which would force people to use more strategy. While in other worlds make high traction and low gravity to create a lunatic scene fit for Quake III. That way there would be different game types for people who want action and people who want more strategy.

This last idea is a bit of a long shot and probably has been brought up before. I think it would be incredibly cool if we could have 2 people in the same tank. One person driving and the other aiming the turret, with new turret controls it shouldn't be too difficult. The only prob is lag. It might work on LAN's though. And I've seen a similar idea work in Sub Space.

Those are all my idea's for now. I'm sorry if I'm repeating ideas already discussed, I just d/l'ed the game yesterday. Anyhow it is quite an incredible game. I've been getting sick of all those New Super Dulexe Enhanced Quake II/Unreal engine based games which seem to be coming out all the time yet use technology from a year ago.



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Dag: There's nothing that LDA can do about the power of the peashooter (120MM). That is a server-side modification to the game. The only person that can fix that is the server operator of Thunderdome. Thunderdome's always had its 120mm cannons upped in power to the point of creating annoyance.



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grr...hit the button for 'submit' twice...

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As Hawk mentioned the powerful main gun is probably from playing on Thunderdome. The normal main gun is fairly weak, and takes 4 or 5 hits to kill a healthy tank.

One thing about Mouse Look is you need to have Turret View on as well (M key by default) for best effect. Then left and right on the mouse will rotate the camera just like in Quake. With Turret View off Mouse Look is a bit weird, since you look forwards and have up and down view control, but turret rotation is a bit sloppy. You could also try normal mouse controls for the turret with Mouse Look off, which acts more like keyboard turret control.

We do have worlds with high gravity (though it doesn't slow things down much, just makes you stick to the ground hard), low gravity (the moon, very, very different), and low friction (ice glacier levels), but no high friction levels. That would be a good choice for an add-on level for the full game.

2 players in a tank could be cool, but might be hard to coordinate from a technical point of view. Vertical turret aiming has been considered and debated, but we've decided against it for now. We'll see though.

Thanks for the feedback!

-- Seumas McNally, Lead Programmer, Longbow Digital Arts