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posted January 07, 2000 12:15 AM            
I think this game rocks and am considering purchasing it online. My only question is: How many environments are included in the fullversion and will there be an ability to download new environments and vehicles from the site in the future? Thanks a lot!


posted January 07, 2000 12:31 AM            
The full version has 52 different maps.

One is on the moon with lunar gravity. There's a volcano, high gravity world, ice planets with low friction and various other variations plus a number of sci-fi maps.

New maps and weapons can be easily designed by players and will be available here or on other sites.


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posted January 07, 2000 01:05 AM            
Wow that's a lot of maps! You can expect my order within the month


posted January 07, 2000 04:54 PM            
And (once my boss pays me a big fat paycheck) you can expect mine...
I love being homeschooled... I get called off to work at all hours... Not nice... Then I get payed... NICE!!!!


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posted January 07, 2000 11:47 PM            
And as for downloading maps/tanks:

LDA should be releasing their Map editor and UV Mapper very soon so we will start to see them.

Textures are defined by the server, as are the maps. If you add a texture with the same name as an old one, it will replace the old one.

Tanks can be user created using Light Wave or other program that supports loading and saving of LWO files (Light Wave Object). Texturing has to be done using the UV Mapper since it creates the LUV file that accompanies each LWO file to tell it how to place the texture. Again, if the server doesn't have it, you can't change it, unless you overright existing files - but with altered skins, thats easy and simple to do.

As for changing weapons, its the same meathod as for tanks.

As for the various resolutions: LDA generally has 3 resolutions for complex meshes and 2 for simpler meshes. See the entities or my site for info on how to do this.

I will host at least some Mod, Skin, and Object downloads once they start to come out and I will also be adding tutorials on how to do this. Unfortunately, all these things have been put on hold while I wait for my site to come back up...

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