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posted January 06, 2000 11:05 PM            
Hi guys! Haven't been here in a while.

I hope this wasn't posted before, a quick look at the forum didn't show this, so I hope I am not being repetitive.

I have noticed in the demo online that when an AI tank gets a cruise missile, they get 20 of them. This ends the game pretty quick!
When someone killed the AI tank in front of me, I picked up the cruise and confirmed that there were 20 cruisemissiles shown in the ammo. When launched, I got the necessary frags to end the game with a dozen missiles still flying around. This has happened in about 5 matches. Actually, I am not sure if this is a server side mod or not. <sorry> I was on the Thunderdome server when I saw this today.

Can anyone confirm/deny if this is a mod or a bug?

Otherwise, the game is simply bloody awesome. The eye-candy factor is great. Beautiful missile trails and trailing flame cones! Getting nailed from head on with an M.R.L. volley looks awesome! Pretty sweet, LDA. I'll be ordering a copy when i get some spare cash. (gotta fix my car first).

cya online!



posted January 06, 2000 11:16 PM            
That's cuz it's a mod in the Thunderdome server. It happens with the Matter Bombs too, which is murder on your framerate. The mod also spawns 'cheater' messages from random newbies who don't know what they're talking about. Don't worry, it's not a bug. When the Cruise Missiles fly out they go in bursts of two. There aren't as many zooming around as you think there are. One will hit the tank, and the other will soar off into the sunset.

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