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posted December 28, 1999 10:23 AM            
I don't suppose it would be possible to mail-order Treadmarks? My parents are the ones with the credit cards and they're technophobes. I'm not allowed to order over the 'net, so short of stealing a credit card and ordering...wait a second...that's not a bad idea! BRB...


Random Chaos (TC)
posted December 28, 1999 12:05 PM            
LDA will be posting info on the ordering page (or maybe somewhere else) and it will be in the Demo documentation. I mentioned this to them that people seem not to know how to order non-online and thats what they are doing.

We were told before to contact Jim to reserve a preorder that was not done online. His e-mail is longbow@kanservu.ca

The original post was under "Praise LDA!?" by Dreamer.

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