Author Topic:   Tread Marks Fan Sites?
LDA Seumas
posted December 24, 1999 05:00 PM           
Just FYI, if you have a web site or web page which has anything about Tread Marks on it (screen shots, info, clans, mods, comments, praise, whatever), let us know, and we'll add it to our Links page on TreadMarks.com and post a news item about it!

The only thing we like to see is that sites link back to us in return, and put a (TM) beside any of our logo graphics and/or mention the trademarks in fine print below. As long as that's done, it's OK to use our logos on your pages.

-- Seumas McNally, Lead Programmer, Longbow Digital Arts


Random Chaos (TC)
posted December 24, 1999 07:53 PM            
One thing: if you want to run a fan page attached to my fan page, please give me an e-mial and I will set up the account for up to 10MBs.

2 Conditions:
a. That I know you as an active member in Tread Marks
b. That your topic that you post is 100% related to Tread Marks

Random Chaos
Site admin for http://treadmarks.3d-unlimited.com
Member of Clan Temporal Chaos

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