Author Topic:   Floating Trees (Reason Why)
Random Chaos (TC)
posted December 17, 1999 02:13 PM            
We (Seumas and myself) figured out yesterday why this happens.

When you deform the terrain in a map tile, the terrain deforms in all copies of the tile since they are duplicated in a grid pattern. When the deformation is done on a tile other than the main, central tile that has the trees on it, any static objects don't know the terrain has been deformed. The result is Floating Trees and Floating Towers (center markers).

It was figured out on my INSANE deformation server (named "Hell" by Hawk) when I plowed through an ajoining map's equivilent center point with the 20 nukes spawned by RGrenades.

Seumas told me that this would be fixed in an update after the final version was released.

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