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posted November 25, 1999 12:07 PM           
I've been playing Tread marks for 3 days now.
I've never been a fan of deathmatching but
this game rocks!
I have also "converted" 3 other guys in my workplace who, up until now, were playing quake arena.

I have a suggestion about the cruise missile. As it is now, the cruise missile is too strong. I've noticed that weapons respawn at the same place they were before, so all you need to do is wait near the missile's respawn point, take it, shoot it, and wait for it to respawn. If there's an ammo box neaby it's even easier. It made the game too unbalanced - In one game, I got 4 missiles this way and fragged someone 4 times in a row without him hitting me once. The missile has to be weaker, or have a finite range, and should never respawn at the same place.
Apart from that - I had loads of fun with the game, and I'm already working on a custom texture for my tank!

BTW, is there a way to switch my own texture without chnging textures for the rest of the tanks?


Random Chaos (TC)
posted November 25, 1999 03:29 PM            
Well, good to see you converting people!

As for the cruise missile problem you mentioned, I already passed it onto LDA and the problem turns out to be a VERY bad random number generating algorithm that comes with Microsoft VC++.

LDA: Write your own random number algorithm!

As for the other question about tank skins:
Much more complicated...you can change the skin of all tanks of a class easily, but to change just your tank you have to do the following:

Create a new skin.
Go into the Tank entity directory and duplicate the entity that of the tank you want to change.
Change the lines "Name", "Type", and "Texture" and you have the new tank for single player.
For multiplayer, the server you are connecting to has to have that tank skin and entity too.

If you care to create entities with skins (and if you want, your own custom meshes - see my page in a couple of weeks for tips on this) I'll post a zip file of the new files on my site. Just name them aa_tanknn where aa is the name you give all your tanks and nn is the tank number. If everyone follows this format, there will be no duplicate file names.

- - - - -

As for custom meshes:
Use any 3d rendering program that supports LWO files (I know Imagine [under Import/Export], Lightwave, and Inspire all can load/save this file type). Create all the faces "clockwise" when looking at them facing out. Then wait 2 weeks or so until LDA releases their UV Mapper program and you can make the .LUV file that tells TM where to place the texture on the mesh.

LDA uses the abbriviations "aaaaaaHigh" "aaaaaaMed" and "aaaaaaLow" for the various meshes. As for the the entity files, Mesh is the default High mesh, Mesh1 is MED (or if there is no low, its LOW), and Mesh2 is LOW. For the tank, the tank, the turret, and the turret gun are seperate meshes. On the weapons, there is also a "spining" mesh sequence (see the Ramdrill, GUA, or RGrenade launchers for examples).

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