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Random Chaos (TC)
posted November 15, 1999 12:45 PM            
Some suggestions on server contol...all for dedicated servers

I have asked you about some of these before, but I don't know which so I will repeat them all:

1: Veiwing of connected players
2: Kicking of players
3: Have server able to change bots AFTER start - sometimes you get into a game and people ask for bots or ask to get rid of bots.
4: Longer Description Feild display for the server.
5: A way of saying: "This server needs a downloaded mod to use" feature.
6: Ability to add a team after server starts/force player to switch team. Very annoying when there are 8 people on a server and 5 join blue!
7: Ability to ban a player for a day (goes with kick - important for someone that is a problem - I have yet to see a situation where I would use it, but I know from other games that it is needed).

Connect to server side:
8: Ability to see "Frag" and "Time" limits on server.
9: Ability to see a description on changes to the server.

In game side:
10: Ability to see packet loss rate.


Random Chaos
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posted November 15, 1999 05:20 PM            
All good ideas Random...
Keep em comin people!


posted November 16, 1999 10:11 AM           
i don't know if this is a kosher suggestion -i have never played internet matches before - but i thought of it because i've been having problems w/ game play thru modem... but what about letting the server give a little more attention/priority to sending/receiving data to players with crappy pings.

i know this might make play a _little_ choppier for those with good ping, but this might even things out a little. and, if someone has such a bad ping that it would ruin everyone's play, then this feature would not kick in for them...

(ok - now i've put a bigger bullseye on my turret!)


LDA Seumas
posted November 23, 1999 04:43 AM           
Good suggestions Random, though most of them might not make it in to the first run of the full game, I can definitely add more dedicated server side controls in a patch.


The most important thing is that it is currently impossible for one player with really bad ping to "ruin" the game for the other players; the most that will happen is that the player with bad ping will become a sitting duck for other players to kill, but that's no different than if the player is just really, really bad. There's also not really anything I could do to give "more attention" to someone with bad pings. The server does its best to send the data the client needs without saturating the connection, and if the internet decides to drop and/or delay a lot of packets en route, there's not much that can be done to improve things.

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