Author Topic:   2 problems
posted November 11, 1999 10:05 PM            
I have 2 problems with TM, both probably due to my old ICD (there is no newer one):
1. MiniGL doesen't work. My card has a miniGL, but TM crashes before the menu when I try to use it.
2. Restore doesn't work. If I minimize TM, it crashes on restore. This is a bigger problem for me than the MiniGL, which would just enhance performance.


LDA Seumas
posted November 15, 1999 02:20 AM           
What graphics card do you have?

And have you thought of trying SciTech's GLDirect OpenGL->Direct3D wrapper?

-- Seumas McNally, Lead Programmer, Longbow Digital Arts


posted November 15, 1999 09:58 AM            
I have a Rendition v2200. My MiniGL is a "Gold" release, and it seems to work well with everything else.

DirectGL claims to support my card. LOL! It runs TM ~ .5 fps, and shows your font tiled all over the screen.

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