Author Topic:   Question about custom objects:
Random Chaos
posted November 02, 1999 09:13 AM            
I can edit the LWO file in Imagine, but what is the LUV file? I am unfamilar with that file format.

Also, how is the Texture map for the item created? I am not sure how to go about creating Tread Marks compatable texture maps for custom objects.

Any help, thanks,

Random Chaos
Clan Temporal Chaos


LDA Seumas
posted November 07, 1999 03:26 PM           
LUV files store texture U/V coordinates for each of the vertices of each of the polygons in the LWO object, and are created with a custom tool which will be released along with the map editor once the game ships.

-- Seumas McNally, Lead Programmer, Longbow Digital Arts