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Random Chaos
posted October 23, 1999 08:08 PM            
Ok, here I go again...

1: I like the mouse changes the veiw and the turret follows slower - but only if there is a ingame toggle for the turret follow part.

2: Could you make the dots on the mini-map team specific - maybe Green for your team, but a red dot with a ring of the team color for the enemy team - Its a pain when entering a battle in team-play with no team score and you don't know if the enemies are allied or not!

3: Could you make different tanks have slightly different advantages in DM (not race). Basically, have tanks that have different speed and different main weapons (same ammo). Have all the changes be small, but have tanks that have a charged bolt, a shell, a grenade, a dumb-fire missle, a plasma pulse, etc as the main weapon Mesh and Texture of it's projectile. It would make some of you're new tank designs much more fun (the one on the Tron screenshot looks like it could really use a plasma pulse as the primary weapon).
A fire ball would be nice! Have the normal shell mesh, but put the Nuke Explo texture on it. Same with a Blue and White version with the matter and plasma explo textures.

Also, 2 questions:
A: Approx when is the next beta going to be out.
B: Approx when is the final version going to be out.

--Random Chaos

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Random Chaos
posted October 23, 1999 09:13 PM            
Also, a King of the Hill scoring system would be nice. Considering that we already play king of the hill alot on Ramps...


posted October 24, 1999 03:03 AM           
i don't quite like ur "different tanks, act different" idea

i look at the different tanks as kinda like choosing a skin in a shooter

making each tank different, would only bring loss of balance, and frustration

and *GASP* your asking for a release date?, isn't that kind of breaking the golden rule?

what about the "when it's done policy?"

or does lda actually have a set date?


posted October 24, 1999 12:59 PM            
Release date...hmmm.

As this is our first CD release of a game, it’s hard to pin down an exact date.

The disc manufacturer tells me that they need roughly 15 days to make and wrap the game. It’ll be in a Digipak CD format, like a lot of music CDs. Jewel cases break too easily.

“Overnight” delivery of the gold master to them from our location will add 2 days.

We’ll need to proof their work. Add 2 to 3 days.

Add 2 days to ship the finished CD’s to the Digital River warehouse.

Thus, the game should be shipping roughly 3 weeks after we’ve finished up work on it.

As for finishing the work, we seem to still be on schedule for November 1st.

The only unknown at this point is the single player “ladder-style play” for racing and deathmatch. Tweaking might add a week to our schedule.

Release date...hmmm...somewhere between November 20th and 30th


New Member
posted November 02, 1999 06:47 AM         
I'd still like a mumble*bsd or solaris
server to run it on. Its all very well
running a dedicated server on Bunnyland,
but it cant be a production thing for the
other 30000 lusers we have unless it can
run unattended, remotely. (Id offer to
port it, but I have zero free time.)

Justified Agents of Munya-Munya-Muuuu


posted December 22, 2001 08:55 PM         
What is a Munya-Munya-Muuuu???


posted December 22, 2001 09:49 PM            
Got too much free time, Synack? Heh. Well, I've heard of the Justified Ancients of Mu Mu, but that's only in the context of the band the KLF. Think it might also have somethin' to do with Freemasonry, but I'm not sure.

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posted December 23, 2001 09:59 PM            
ancients of MUUU MUU .. ANcients of MUU MUUU KLF is gonna rock ya...

KLEEEFFFFFFFF...uh hu uh hu uh hu uh hu... boo bee boo.. booo beee...

I loved that song!!

Lemon Curry?!?!


=DNX= Matrix
posted December 23, 2001 10:46 PM            
who te hell dug this one from under the tombstone !

blow off the dust n tell me who SNO is !!!


posted December 24, 2001 01:04 AM            
Sno was before my time. But form what I've gathered he was a major a-hole on the bboard.


posted December 24, 2001 11:48 AM            
yo, errrrrrr? why did somebody bring this thread back to life? *trys to fire a nuke at it* *boom*


guido 1
posted December 24, 2001 06:18 PM         
right matrix , and btw ..... who cares about this sno person ???? sounds like something dredged up by a BZ member .