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Random Chaos
posted October 20, 1999 10:31 AM            
I'm restarting this thread due to the lenght of Mars's thread. Please post all responces to Mars's theads topics in this thread. LDA: please close Mars's thread due to lenght so everyone starts anew.


The last post in mars's thread talked about expanding nuclear ExploSpheres doing damage.

Here is the gist of it:
Person A wanted the static explosion portion (the <> shaped remenants) to also do damage if you are in their zone - basically radioactive damage.

My responce was to the effect of that would require changing the Explo and ExploSphere entity sets to allow them to deal damage. The way it is set up, only the Projectile entities cause damage. An alternative for instantanious damage at detonation would be to have subsequent projectiles spawned at the explsion site.


Random Chaos
posted October 20, 1999 10:47 AM            
1: I know have a question related directly to the projectile damage entities. Can you add a damage delay tag so that when a weapon goes off, the damage sphere is delayable. Also, can you add a similar delay perameter to the ChainEntityN perameter? I'd like to be able to create subsequent explosions at the explsion site, but time delayed.

2: Also, I haven't tried it since you gave me some tips on Chaining projectiles form explosions, but how does the projectile know what direction to launch in? I think the easiest way of chaining projectiles is to add a DetonationSpawn variable to activate another projectile. This would be a simple addition - similar to the ChainEntityN variable, but would do so on detonation of the projectile, rather than on the spawn of the next entity. Pass along direction components to the new weapon.

3: One last component deals with a Zapper type weapon:
Could you add a control line to the "HitScan" variable to tell it to keep searching for a certain length of time before detonating if no "tank" found. Also, could you make a toggle to check whether the hitscan looks in a linear direction of travel or whether it checks in a sphere. Last, can you have a hitscan command that tells it to link to another projectile launched in the direction of the spherical hitscan element. This way, you could launch a sphere (say plasma mine) and when within a certain distance of a tank, explode with no damage and no ExploSphere but release a Laser Beam to target the enemy tank.

The alternative is to do the sphere check for tanks, then on detonation, call a "tracking laser" that targets the nearest enemy.

4: One last thing dealing with targeting: When a guided weapon chooses a target, you said it chooses it by the direction the tank is facing by weighting that position. What if you added a toggle to change between using a weight of the angle and a weight of the distance - or just add a seperate distance weight to the control.


I am looking at these commands only from a standpoint of creating modified weapons.

Thanks for any consideration of implementing the above entity variables.

--Random Chaos

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Random Chaos
posted October 20, 1999 10:52 AM            
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LDA Seumas
posted October 20, 1999 05:10 PM           
Chaining happens at creation time, so would be difficult to delay reliably. I may add some additional functionality to the Spewer entities if I get the chance, in which case they may be able to be used as time-delayed one-shot creators of other entities.

I believe Chaining normally passes on the position, velocity, and rotation from chainer to chainee.

A spherical "hitscan" mode wouldn't really work. What you could do is give the hitscan projectile extreme guidance; all movement factors, including guidance, spiraling, and smoke trails, should be active during the hitscan iteration, meaning that you could make a hitscan projectile that would instantaneously guide to the nearest enemy and detonate on them. If the guidance was severe enough, combined with an appropriate smoke trail, it could look as if the detonating projectile (spawning the guided hitscan projectile being discussed as its death explosion), had reached out with a curvey energy beam and zapped the nearest tank.

Distance is always the primary factor used for choosing what guided weapons track. The guidebias parameter weights the decision towards or away from those targets in front of or behind the projectile. If the guidebias is high enough, distance will essentially be ignored, with angle the only consideration.

-- Seumas McNally, Lead Programmer, Longbow Digital Arts