Author Topic:   Tanks on ice?
Clam Man
posted October 17, 1999 04:29 PM           
Hey guys,

I just finished my fist mutliplayer session and WOW this game is fun! Can't wait. The only thing that bothers me is the 'tanks on ice' syndrome. I realize this game has little to no basis on reality, so some physics-type artistic license is expected (eg. no falling damage). However, I don't really see an 80-ton main battle tank having a whole lot of issues with traction. So why all the sliding?

I'm not saying it should be taken out entirely, just reduced somewhat. I guess the reason that I'm complaining is that during a race you pretty much have to be on-target for the next gate before it even becomes visible. If you plan on holding any kind of speed then any last-minute heading changes will be for naught because you just end up sliding by the gate anyway. Of course, you can just slow down, but you end up getting left in the dust if you do.


Maybe as a feature request there should be some sort of toggle for when you create a game for setting traction percentage.

Just a suggestion.


Random Chaos
posted October 17, 1999 05:42 PM            
If you post your own dedicated server, you can change this.

Got to the entities/tankgod/sabot.ent subfile. This is a text document. Change the friction line to what ever you want (I find that a happy medium is 8.5).

The question is: Who doesn't like spinning out! It makes turning FAR faster! Have you ever tried to make a 180 in this game with out spinning? It takes for ever!

--Random Chaos


Random Chaos
posted October 17, 1999 05:43 PM            
Also, the friction change will also effect single player.


LDA Seumas
posted October 18, 1999 12:22 PM           
We have tried the game with higher friction, and racing just isn't as fun. The problem is you can just hold the accelerator down and power through every turn, and the race becomes boring as nobody can overtake or change positions. With lower friction, making it through checkpoints quickly takes a lot of skill and practice; hard turning before you get the the checkpoint and power-sliding through the turn can be quite advantageous, but takes practice.

One thing to realize, when rationalizing this, is that these are Racing Tanks, so they weigh less than normal battle tanks and have much faster engines.

I think the root of most of these complaints is the fact that the computer tanks are fixed at maximum skill level at the moment, so racing in single player is a real bitch if you're not one of the developers. This will be corrected though, don't worry.

-- Seumas McNally, Lead Programmer, Longbow Digital Arts