Author Topic:   Weapon idea
posted October 09, 1999 03:51 PM            
How about a propane tank? It sits on top of your tank, and when you fire it it launches of like the R-Grenades, bouncing along. Then it blows up in a massive nukelike explosion. You only get one. It would be a really funky weapon. (I'd make it myself if I could do artwork )


Random Chaos
posted October 09, 1999 04:03 PM            
Ah -- how about a destoryer weapon. I'd only want this if we can drop weapons. Basically it does the following:

1: If you fire it, it sets off a Nuke explosion based on your vehicle (kills you and anyone nearby).

2: If you are destroyed, it explodes, probably taking out the person that killed you.

Also, make it an EMP weapon (have visual effects similar to the Matter bomb, but have no dirt removal or depositing).

Basically, it is a "blow the opponent up when you kill yourself weapon.

--Random Chaos


posted October 09, 1999 04:05 PM            
Heh. RandomChaos I just posted that message about 5 minutes before you replied 2 it. That's what I call an active bb


LDA Seumas
posted October 11, 1999 04:40 AM           
Well, we just added a Propane/Napalm tank yesterday, on a new weapon design that really kicks ass so far. It's like the most freaking huge flame thrower you've ever seen, and starts to rival the nuke for "wow" factor when someone's tearing along and letting loose the firestorm. Will have to tweak it so it doesn't assassinate frame rate though. <grin>

A bouncing time bomb type weapon should be an easy user modification. Just like a super powerful single shot rocket grenade.

-- Seumas McNally, Lead Programmer, Longbow Digital Arts