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Random Chaos
posted October 09, 1999 01:47 PM            
Tell me what you think of the changes I have made:

1: The plasma is more powerful -- I just dropped ammo some so as to make it a little better balenced.

2: Double ammo on Nukes and Matter Bombs

3: Increased fire rate of Dirt Balls -- I just dropped the spash damage, I though it was too strong given the fire rate.

4: The commonality of the weapons: More common - Nuke, Matter Bomb, Machine Gun. Less common - Plasma Cannon, Plasma Mines, Dirt Launcher.

5: Cruise missle dirt function - I just decided to make te cruise missle make a tower of dirt - please tell me what you think of it

--Random Chaos

P.S. Please don't treat this as a bash the weapon changes post. I want constructive ideas on what to change and I don't want to unbalence the game (like Nuke-a-rama does).


posted October 09, 1999 04:26 PM            
boy, your server was fun. lotsa cool people on there, too.
now for your weapon changes:

plasma - I loved it. well, when I was looking down the right side of it, anyway

double nukes - well, not really. thats just too much. rather make the respawn probability higher than give a two for one deal

dirt balls - yeah, baby, yeah! thats the way! you made them into a real weapon for once! and Anton, next time I'm gonna get you more often with them than you me...

weapon respawn probability - I liked it. nothing to complain about, except that the (double-)nukes were too often used. (see above)

and finally: the cruise dirt - well, as I said, I didn't notice. maybe the explosion just blasted the dirt away instantly or it was just my not noticing when I was blown up by one... again... and again...

I'm on AOL - not everything that comes from a bad place is necessarily evil


Random Chaos
posted October 10, 1999 01:35 AM            
Ok, heres the deal with the dirt filled cruise missile:

The file that contains the data does not download. This is a problem if you want to change the damage, the creaters, or the special effects of the various weapons.

Also, I have dropped the Nuke and Matter Bomb ammo back to 1. Since I can have multiple servers set up, I plan to have one that has a nuclear war zone once the projectile data file download problem is fixed.

--Random Chaos


posted October 10, 1999 07:26 PM           
How do change the weapons, IE take out certain ones and leave the Cruise and Nukes, etc?


posted October 11, 1999 02:16 AM            
remove the weapon .ent files you don't want from the entities/weapons folder.

make a backup first! (although, at 13 Megs, its not a pain to reinstall).

My 2 cents for server changes:
change the peashooter ammo from 6 to 10 or something. Runs out too fast. thats in the
entities/powerup folder. and upping the health would increase the length of massive fire-fights. just a thought.

happy fragging! cya guys online.


Random Chaos
posted October 11, 1999 11:23 AM            
Actually, the easiest way is just to change the weighting. Set the weapons you want to almost never see to 1. Set the ones you always want to see to some insanely high number, 300 or so.

The other way is to copy the current missile files over to the existing other files. Set some of the weights different. Change the ammo and fire rates. And then have a nuke and a machine gun nuke with different likelyhoods of showing up.