Author Topic:   Stop whining
posted October 09, 1999 02:54 AM           
Everyone, Sno especially, stop whining whenever you get to a server that has changed the weaponry balence. They are changed because the majority of the people think the changes are fine and the server also likes them.

If you don't like the weapon combos on a server, say you're "going to another server -- would anyone like to join me." As for the weapons, if people didn't like the changes, they wouldn't play on a server in the first place -- so don't go onto a server, say "Lets go to another server without ___ weapon changes" because it the people there didn't like those changes, they wouldn't be there in the first place.

I have gotten very tired of when ever I am on a server with you (Sno) all I ever here is whining about "this weapon is too powerful," "why did they [do/not do] such-in-such to the tanks/landscape," . . .

I know you keep posting that you like the game so much Sno, but if you do, stop complaining about things everytime you play online!

--The Anti-whiner


Random Chaos
posted October 09, 1999 03:15 AM            
Yeah -- I agree with this. The game was MADE to be changed from server to server. That was part of the whole point of the entities being so easy to edit -- to allow easy changes to weapon variables. Please stop complaining about servers that don't match what you consider normal. In this game, nothing is normal, everything is determined by someone. The default could easily have had machine-gun nukes! And then someone would complain about the fast fire rate.

On my server, when I set the nuke ammo=2, Sno always complains. When I set the nuke ammo=1, almost everyone else complains that I got rid of the fun ammo=2 thing. Therefore, it is entirely up to the server to decide which side to take.

Nuke-a-rama is unbalenced. My server isn't. I specifically made sure that when I increased the power of most weapons, I made them harder to find. I continue to make changes to the server as people give me suggesions. If I don't like those changes, or if others complain a lot, I return those settings to normal. Most of the time, I just adjust the spawn likelyhood of the weapon and everyone is happy. Other times I drop the ammo. Yet others I return everything to default.

I have to say, if people are going to complain about a specific server everytime they play on it, why did they join that server in the first place?

--Random Chaos


posted October 09, 1999 03:26 AM           
ummm, ok,


try calling it a "suggestion" just cuz i "suggest" a possible change doesnt mean i should be flamed for it,

you said yourself this game is meant to be tweaked,

leaving the server cuz i don't like the changes?, sure, why not, cuz all the server offer different styles, cuz of the changes,

please, no reason to flame me