Author Topic:   Released Beta 0.0.2
posted April 23, 2004 06:06 PM            
I've just posted a new beta version (0.0.2) that can be downloaded by clicking here http://www.ldagames.com/downloads/RBTBeta.exe

The major changes are:

- stats have been fixed, wins/losses/disconnects should now be accurate
- accurate game status, when you click on a finished game it should tell you who won/forfeited or disconnected
- improvements to game list, should update more frequently and accurately
- and most importantly, you can now pick whatever name you want !!! to do so, click local player and then click create
- and of course a few misc. bugs/crash issues

Things we're still working on:
- endgame lightning
- missing logos
- problems connecting to players / long spectate connection times
- sirens go off but goal isn't scored

Thanks again for everyone's help with this beta test and please feel free to post comments to this forum or e-mail support@ldagames.com