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posted December 01, 2004 03:42 AM            
Is there a listing anywhere online of the scoreing of Rival Ball?

Is it like DX Ball? The smaller the paddle & ball the higher the score?

If so what scores higher....fireball or iceball?

Do particular tiles have a bigger value? Is the score less when you blow the TNT tiles with a ball or the TNT catch?

I never have time to watch the score & my ball at the same time.

I have noticed I win in tournament sometimes even though I don't clear the screen first.

Has anyone ever figured this out & listed it?

Thanks, Echo


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posted December 01, 2004 08:53 AM            
An older player, Laurent (also known as Karel), has already posted some tips

You may read the post here.

Just as in DX-Ball 2, you'll earn more points if you use the small ball, speed up, and the most shrunken paddle. In total, you may get up to 30 (32?) points per brick if playing this way.

In RBT, it doesn't matter who clears the board first. Even tho the last brick bonus is an advantage for your score, it is the player with the greatest score who wins. Means you can't advance to the next board until you've beaten your opponent.

Hope that was of help

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