Author Topic:   Haris Answers
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posted April 14, 2004 06:29 AM            
This is for Laurent, I am Haris from Dubai,Man I never use any cheat codes or wierd ways to post high scores, as you see almost all my scores are beaten in days by someone else, its clear anyone can excell others score, you just wanna have patience,practice and some brain.As to the photo finish I always try to do it onpurpose, its fun,I do calculated scoring, you too can use a calculator. Any difficulty level you can score not necessarily Difficult. There are plenty of ways to score more points,I can tell you one (when you have only one brick left on board just escape and resume game and then finish, you get 500 bonus points,you do it for 200 boards you get 100,000 points extra) there are plenty such tricks, I dont have to reveal all.Keep trying, better luck next time