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Rival Ball Tournament is nearly ready. We've posted a link to an AVI on the Rival Ball Tournament page so that you can see it in action.

Check out those miniguns!!

As you can see, although the "Rival Ball Tournament" name is derived from Rival Ball, the game look and feel is completely new.... (more of a combat-style-breakout game).

In "Tournament" or "RBT" the Network play will be true head-to-head (balls pass back and forth between paddles) and is based on matches, with each match consisting of the best 3-out-of-5 rounds...(each round is a board). Network rankings will be based on matches won and lost with penalties for dropping out (any lost connection). The current plan is to reset the rankings each month.

The single player game will be played against a series of AI paddles and will have a Battle Mode and a Campaign Mode. Online high-scores will be kept with more points possible when playing against harder AI paddles.

The freeware version will have all of game play features but on a limited set of boards. Freeware players will have other limitations such as being assigned an identification number when they log online (without being able to customize their name).... (this should eliminate some of the nasty language that has appeared in names with Rival Ball...)

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It's too short.

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