Author Topic:   Possible cheated/hacked score, check into it
posted February 21, 2004 02:53 PM         
Karol (for Seumas) posted a score for seumas memorial 1,000 boards 2 minute time limit score 8,078,455. I don't believe this score because the most you can really average per bosard is 5,000. Do them math... you are talking about 5,000,000 plus bonuses for extra lives.


posted February 21, 2004 05:50 PM            
I don't see a time limit on the high score forum board...and I don't see where you would have seen it listed as such.
The way Karel plays--this is a totally viable score---I only wish I had the time and patience to prove it myself---
I have a preivious score ( as I'm sure Karel has listed elsewhere-from before the scores were listed--these files are available to anyone for verification)--on Medium, all boards completed, of 455,891...this is strictly the 100 boards--so do the math, and factor in the Hard mode---VERY credible indeed!!!

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I'm Karel. I understand your concern. I hate hacked scores as much as anyone else. I’ve reported some to the administrators myself (it would of course not be very wise to report those, only to send one in myself, would it?).

LDA knows my scoring history (as Teulk obviously does). It goes back a long, long way. In all those years that I’ve been playing the game, I’ve gradually developed my own strategy for scoring as high as possible.

What I never learned though was how to cheat my way into a fake score. I simply wouldn’t know how to do that. I don’t know the first thing about computer programming, let alone hacking. And I have no ambitions in that field.

Having said that, you don’t have to take my word for that. So I’d be happy – as you suggest - to have my Seumas score verified by LDA (maybe they already did just that). I’m sure you’ll accept their judgement on the matter.

By the way, I never play with a time limit. That feature simply doesn’t allow the high scores I’m after. Like Teulk says, the score board says “None” under Time Limit.

The way I play, the average score on “Seumas Memorial 100” lies around 8,000, not 5,000. Taken per set of 100 boards, my lowest average (of the 10 sets) was 7,894. The highest was 8,253. (Yes, I have a complete break-down of the scores per board in an Excel-file). As I recall, I didn’t see any bonuses for extra lives.

Next time, if you’re interested, I’ll tell you all about my strategy and give you a few hints & tips for achieving high scores.

Speaking of weird scores. What do you make of the results for “Quandary”? Haris (who’s got lots of other 1st places by the way) manages to beat my “Hard-mode” score of 2,635,719 with exactly 7 (seven) points…. in “Medium-mode” (that’s 0.0002656%). I’m not going to accuse him of cheating. But he’s got to be a real wizard to come to that photo-finish after no less than 200 boards – in an inferior difficulty mode (from a high scoring point of view) to boot. I’ll assume that this just escaped your attention?

Laurent, aka Karel.

PS. Thanks for your support, Teulk.

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As promised, here are some pointers...for what they’re worth.

I always play in Hard mode, as the maximum value per brick is 32 in this mode.

At the beginning of each board, I let the ball travel as horizontally as possible (as opposed to vertically). To do that, I hit it with the outer edge of the paddle, even at the slow speed at the beginning of each board, so I get used to it by the time the ball has picked up full speed. Practice this a lot and you'll never play a ball "straight up" again (except at the end of a board, when the bricks are higher up).

In order to get maximum value out of each brick (i.e. 32 points in Hard mode),...

A) Because they DECREASE the value of the bricks, I never pick up (or try to avoid);

- Slow Down
- Chain Lightning
- Ice Ball
- Stretch
- Big Ball
- Death (of course)

B) I always pick up;

- Life (neutralizes some other power-ups)
- Laser (but do NOT use it to break bricks)
- Catch (and ONLY use it to break bricks that surround the "Explosive" bricks)
- Neutralize (but not if there's a lot of those bricks that need 3 hits to break)
- Speed Up
- Mega Shrink
- Tiny Ball
- Shrink

C) Depending on the situation;

- Blitz Ball (only when at full speed and with smallest paddle, and not when there's still too many explosive bricks)
- Dynamite (only when the remaining explosive bricks only have 1 or 2 other bricks surrounding them)
- Multiply (only when the remaining explosive bricks don't have ANY other bricks surrounding them)

I don't use Multi Ball and/or 8-Ball. The reason being that you get a nice bonus at the end of a board in which you don't lose a ball. Only if I have lost a life on a board do I start collecting them, in which case I try to keep as many of those balls in play as I can, because you get yet a different bonus for each ball in play at the end of the board.

Hope this helps.

Laurent, aka Karel


posted February 23, 2004 04:08 AM            
okay the secret is out everyone copy him.

Tread Marks Ladders

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Skull Man
posted February 23, 2004 12:45 PM            
Heh...I've been playing the same way since I played DX-Ball 2, (some time ago) but haven't got much time to play now.

Have maby posted 1 - 2 scores (lol), but they're all pulled down below rank 100. Maby sometime later.

Maby I should try RB Splitt singel scoring. http://scores.ldagames.com/rivalballscores.php?rows=10&boardset=49&repeat=2

I'll try impossible, either hard


posted February 26, 2004 01:59 AM            
You are the man!