Author Topic:   Extra Paddle life Bonus
posted August 20, 2003 07:30 PM            
Well now that repeat board set has been fixed in the current freeware download 1.4.2 , another problem arises.
The Problem is with the 1.4.2 ver. you guys forgot to include the Extra Paddle life Bonus. Now in the earlier versions I really enjoyed this bonus. Earning and saving up 10 to 12 extra paddle lives and getting that huge bonus at the end of every 10 boards was awsome! Now that I play the new 1.4.2 version I don't get awarded for saving up my paddle lives. This is a serious problem to me. For it stops me from breaking #1 high scores currently up. I have earned all my high scores on Demo and RivalBall series 1 with this special bonus. Thats why my scores have not been broken on the RB series 1 pack yet. PLEASE bring back the extra paddle life bonus on the next version. PLEASE!!
Or is it that I have a bug in my version?
Thanks, TK