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Skull Man
posted August 12, 2003 09:14 AM            
Im not a big fan of it, but it seems like you have to use repeat boards to reach the top10 score.

Whatever, the repeat boards doesn't seem to work.


I played RB Splitt with Repeat boards on and this is what the game wrote on the Highscore:

Repeat boards: on
Random boards: off
Time limit: none
Boards played: 5
Score: 46569 (My newest record! )

1. I didn't play 5 boards, I played 4.

2. Reapeat boards was turned on, but after I finished board 4: Crystal Diva, the game indicated that I was done with the board-set, but I had turned Repeat Boards On!

What's wrong?

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posted August 12, 2003 01:39 PM            
Sorry about your troubles with Rival Ball. Unfortunately I have tried duplicating the problem but so far everything has worked fine for me.

The only thing I noted was that the game will turn repeat boards off after you play an online game. This means that you need to reset the repeat board status after you play online.

Had you been playing online before encountering the problem or did this occur after a fresh start of the program? Also, have you run into this problem before and does it persist after you restart the program?

As a side note, on the web highscores page it is possible to view only those highscores posted with repeat boards off.

Thanks for your feedback it is always welcome. Please let us know if you find out anything else regarding the problem. We will continue to look into the issue and will hopefully have it fixed for the next release of Rival Ball.



Skull Man
posted August 12, 2003 06:10 PM            
It appered after I update to RB 1.4 Freeware, and have nothing to do with online games, if Im right.