Author Topic:   Sidewinder is back...
Skull Man
posted May 28, 2003 04:47 PM            
Please take time to read this...

I wisited Sidewinders page some few days ago,
and found out that he had some links to his newest music
(some from 2badsheep and some others).

After I downloaded my favourits, I found out that all the songs I downloaded had the ending ''RB''. I also downloaded The song called Orbital Flower (from DXB2), but it was totaly different and much better as all the other songs, but -Orbital Flower- had the ending Rival Ball....
(Orbital Flower Rival Ball)

But I also found out that the songs was not mp3 anymore, but they where in the
ogg vorbis format....

If RB won't support mp3 because of a license, I think it should support OggVorbis.

OggVorbis is BETTER than mp3, and best of all, its free!

Ogg Vorbis files are smaler than mp3 files, and it has better sound quality too!

Here are the links

Ogg Vorbis home page:

Sidewinders home page:

My favourit songs:

wonderfull (orginaly called whatlife)
Strike a Panzai
Lost in Doodles (cute) and

i don't like to be ignored....

Please LDA, can RB support this?

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