Author Topic:   High Scores - Laurent, please read.
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How could you possibly achieve a score of *96136* on Now You See It, Now You Don't without repeating the boards?

Did you use small paddle all the time, and would that even make that much difference?

You are pretty damn good! Let me know how you did this.

P.S. - One of my girlfriends has come up with a neat strategy for close games: She refuses to play any multi-ball and instead goes for the extra points for "Perfect Ball" - 500, I think. It can mean the dif between winning and losing in a tight game.




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lol, "One of my girlfriends "?


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OK, here are some pointers...for what they’re worth.

I always try to let the ball travel as horizontally as possible (as opposed to vertically).
To do that, I hit it with the outer edge of the paddle, even at the slow speed at the beginning of each board, so I get used to it by the time the ball has picked up full speed.
Practice this a lot and you'll never play a ball "straight up" again (except at the end of a board, with only a couple of bricks left).

In order to get maximum value out of each brick (i.e. 32 points),...

A) I always avoid;
- Slow Down
- Chain Lightning
- Ice Ball
- Stretch
- Big Ball
- Death (of course)

B) I always pick up;
- Life :-)
- Laser (but do not use it to break bricks)
- Catch (and use it to break bricks that surround the "Explosive" bricks)
- Neutralize (but not if there's a lot of those bricks that need 3 hits to break)
- Speed Up
- Mega Shrink
- Tiny Ball
- Shrink

C) Depending on the situation;
- Blitz Ball (only when at full speed and with smallest paddle, and not when there's still too many explosive bricks)
- Dynamite (only when the remaining explosive bricks only have 1 or 2 other bricks surrounding them)
- Multiply (only when the remaining explosive bricks don't have ANY other bricks surrounding them)

For the time being, I don't use Multi Ball and/or 8-Ball. The reason being that you get a nice bonus at the end of a board in which you don't lose a ball.
Only if I have lost a life on a board do I start collecting them, in which case I try to keep as many of those balls in play as I can, because you get bonuses for balls in play at the end of the board, too. (I know this sounds complicated).

Hope this helps.


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not complicated at all, now i think i can take on my room-mate

LDA Players, Information, and etc...


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Laurent, you are definitely the Queen of Breakout! I enjoyed your post...

Okay, I've a few more to add:

1) The "Rut": This is a technique I use, especially on boards with lots of indestructibles - basically, you find a "rut" where you just keep hitting the ball against one or more indestructibles over and over - sooner or later, all will change (just like picking up the equalizer brick). This not only allows you to score more points by having all bricks score, but you can now get the All Bricks Clear bonus at the end.

Ruts were much easier to achieve in DXBall - often without moving paddle. In Rival, you almost always have to move paddle to establish a rut.

The Diagonal - Laurent mentioned this specifically. I don't use this as much as she - I find it too slow sometimes in clearing levels. But, it is the best way to "slow" the ball down, and gives you time to think after a hairy sequence. In fact, I often use this to establish "ruts", mentioned above.

When you get the ice/fire/green brick buster ball, hit straight up (as opposed to diagonally) and try to have the ball going fast - especially on Hard. You don't have but a couple of seconds, and you need to make the most of them. (I realize you don't use these Laurent, but us Rival mortals do).

If you have Capture on, you can still hit diagonally without catching the ball. Hit it on the very edge, as Laurent described.

Personally, I enjoy MultiBall too much to sacrifice it for the Perfect Ball bonus. Remember that when you catch the 8-Ball, all balls speed up to maximum - when you catch the doubler, no change in speed is effected.

That's all I can think of for now.



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Why do you think I'm female?!?!
Is it something I said, something I did?
Jeez, you calling me a Queen...I hope my wife never sees this

Of course, I also use "the Rut", I just hadn't thought of giving it a name...

I agree that the Diagonal technique is sometimes very time-consuming, hence boring. But it sure beats losing a life as soon as the ball speeds up a bit.

I do use the "Blitz Ball", but only under certain conditions (read above).



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Damn dude, I'm glad you live in Europe!!

Sorry 'bout that!

Hell Laurent, I figured you used the technique. Hell, I'm not gonna be able to post anything about the game that you haven't discovered! Just wanted to get some thoughts down for the others...

I look forward to our game. You're familiar with GMT? I'm not, but I'm gonna look it up. Regarding scheduling, I think we're gonna have to use that to setup a game.

Are you available anytime this evening (Sunday)?!? Let's do it, man, I'm ready.

A wife?!? How the hell do you have time for a spouse when you play (and finish) 100-level boards ;-)

Get back to me! I'm ready to play!